Smart Lens

Trifocal lens is another name for Smart Lens; this description is more accurate. An artificial trifocal lens known as a smart lens is inserted into the eye during a cataract surgery. A cataract is when the natural lens becomes blurry over time or for several causes that I have discussed in the cataract topic.

A young person’s or healthy eye’s lens can typically see all distances, including far, medium, and close. With advancing age, the function of our lenses starts to decline. Implanting a new artificial lens in place of a natural lens that has become blurry is the primary goal of cataract surgery.

How many distinct kinds of smart lenses exist?

One of the smart lens kinds is used during cataract surgery. Monofocal, multifocal, and trifocal lenses fall under these categories. Monofocal lenses are designed for seeing distant objects alone; close objects must be seen via eyewear. Multifocal lenses have near and distant distances, however they do not offer an astigmatic solution. Additionally, an astigmatic patient may have a sense of emptiness when watching TV or coming down a ladder.

Trifocal lenses are available to see everything well without using glasses. In the nights, dazzling will grow when the lens is brought closer to the subject. Patients may be disturbed the first few times, but their eyes will eventually become acclimated to being dazzled.