What is Elekta Versa HD?

Modern technologies used in cancer treatment increase patient comfort and treatment success day by day. In radiation oncology, “Elekta Versa HD” is used in essential centers worldwide with its software and technological innovations.

What Are Its Features?

Targeted Irradiation

This application aims to protect healthy tissues very well while targeting only cancer cells in the body. 160 area-forming leaves (MLC) in Versa HD effectively determine the shape of the target tumor, minimizing the risk of adverse effects on healthy organs from the radiation. The lead alloy leaf structure (MLC) of the Versa HD model, named “Agility,” which has five times less leakage dose permeability among linear accelerators, minimizes the risk of secondary cancer formation due to leakage while protecting healthy organs with its fast movement ability. Thanks to the “Hexapod treatment table” on the system, which has robotic movement in 6 dimensions, it is possible to position the patient very precisely and to irradiate the targeted area most accurately. For example, one of the most important goals when treating a breast cancer patient is to protect the lungs and heart. For this, it is possible to remove the seat from the area by using different apparatus in the treatment with the Elekta Versa HD device and to perform the treatment in this way.

The “High Dose Rate” mode of Elekta Versa HD, which can apply all of the “High Dose Rate” Radiotherapy techniques effectively and safely, allows irradiation three times higher and faster than the old generation linear accelerators. While this option shortens the treatment time, it also increases the success rate.


Appropriate Dose Calculation With “Monte Carlo Algorithm”:

Elekta Versa HD device calculates dose application in treatment with the “Monte Carlo Algorithm.” The “Monaco” treatment planning system, in which the “Monte Carlo” dose calculation algorithm is used, can calculate the dose distribution closest to reality compared to its counterparts. Since dose calculation and treatment planning based on mathematical and radiobiological models can be made with the Monte-Carlo dose calculation algorithm, the treatment dose applied to the area to be irradiated can be given accurately. While doing this, the system can also prevent damage to healthy tissues and organs. Again, with the “iViewGT Dose” software, which works integrated with this system, the accuracy and effectiveness of the dose administered to the patient can be controlled before and after the treatment.


Image Guidance Before And During Treatment:

Thanks to additional software and hardware integrated into the device, the area to be treated are visualized in 3D with computed tomography (CBCT) images that can be taken either during the treatment or just before the treatment starts, and the treatment is applied to the right place. Thanks to the ABC (Active Breathing Coordinator) system connected to the Versa HD device, irradiation can only be performed in a specific breathing sequence. Thus, especially in left breast tumors, the heart can be further removed from the beam area, and the heart dose can be reduced by stopping the respiratory movement. For example, in early-stage lung tumors or metastases, irradiation can be made from much smaller areas during the point shot. Thus, the surrounding normal tissues are better protected. In addition, the “Symmetry program” in the Versa HD device makes it possible to follow the anatomical movements due to respiration during the treatment without placing a marker. It is also possible to irradiate with minimal areas while the patient breathes freely.


Reducing Side Effects:

Thanks to “Clarity Autoscan,” another image-guided treatment method that can be used with Versa HD, correct irradiation can be achieved by following the organ movements that occur during the treatment with ultrasound. This system provides a high level of accuracy in prostate irradiation, which is significantly affected by bowel and bladder fullness.


In Which Diseases Is It Used?

Elekta Versa HD can be used to treat all tumors requiring radiotherapy treatment.


How Is It Applied?

Today, when personalized planning and treatments are being used in radiotherapy, Versa HD is a device that allows successful treatment results for patients thanks to its features.

The patient lies on a table with 6-dimensional mobility. This robotic table feature ensures the correct positioning of the patient and allows the treatment to be given to the right area and tumor exactly.